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B. educational school bus

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Choose the multifunctional AlphaBus school bus puzzle from B.Toys with magnetic letters!

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To make it easier for your child to learn the alphabet, choose the multifunctional AlphaBus school bus puzzle from B.Toys with magnetic letters!

This intensely yellow vehicle, straight from an American movie, will make the process of getting to know the alphabet more attractive.

The walls of the vehicle and the roof are made up of educational boards:

  • for arranging letters on a magnetic board,
  • for matching letters to the appropriate holes,
  • for matching figures to holes.

Thanks to the set of 26 letters just right for children’s hands and 4 colorful blocks in various shapes , the toddler does not get bored for a long time, provides the toddler with many stimuli, and also affects the development of fine motor skills.

Magnetic letters can be arranged into words and modified at will, as a result of which the toddler develops his vocabulary and learns to read.

The large bus from B.Toys doubles as a storage container. It will fit all the accessories included in the set, which will avoid losing them.

The most important advantages of the product:

  • multifunctional bus with educational boards for children,
  • a set of 26 magnetic letters and 4 matching blocks,
  • a separate board for matching letters to holes and for matching shapes,
  • magnetic board for arranging words,
  • the bus is also a storage container,
  • supports language development, including a rich vocabulary,
  • positively affects children’s creativity,
  • learning to read,
  • supporting fine motor skills,
  • open bus hatch,
  • product safe for children (does not contain BPA or phthalates),
  • recommended from 3 years of age,
  • ecological packaging,
  • reputable manufacturer,
  • good price.

Dimensions of the AlphaBus B.Toys bus: 34.2 x 23.5 x 13 cm.
The height of a single magnetic letter: 3 cm



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