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B. wheee-mote control mini car

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B. Toys BX1235Z Rally Ripster One Button Remote Control Light-Up Toy Car for Babies and Toddlers 1 Year +

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Roll here. Turn there. The wheeze-mote control rally ripster from B toys is designed for little hands and big laughs. with one button, you control everything… well, let’s just say that… you control This car.

Beeping, flashing and spinning as it travels The floor, turn off the lights to start a disco party in the dark.

Tiny crawlers will love watching this light-up remote controlled car go.

Toddlers will appreciate how easy it is to control it: one big button and that’s it!

The 4 sturdy wheels make sure to keep the RC car steady while rolling.

The remote will work across rooms and hallways.

This toy car is made of safe materials and is BPA and Phthalates free.

That’s just how we roll at B. start this baby up… you’ll never stop!b. Zippy B. Flashy B. Crashy B. Funny B. You

Box Contains

1 x Car, controller, 4 x AA batteries See more



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