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Babyjem nasal aspirator

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It allows babies to breathe easily by easily removing nasal congestion.
It is designed to help your baby breathe comfortably by gently opening the annoying obstruction in the nose.

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It contains an absorbent filter that provides hygiene.
It is ergonomic.
It has a soft tip.

There are 2 disposable tips inside with nasal aspirator.
Disposable replacement tips are sold in packages of 10.

Place the replaceable tip on the wide round part of the aspirator.
Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and the other end into your baby’s nostril. Inhale slowly and steadily.
If the aspirator tip fills up during aspiration, blow out the secretions from the suction nozzle with a tissue or change the tip.
Do the same for the other nostril.
After use, remove the tip and throw it away.
Use a new tip with every operation.



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