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Babyjem baby anti reflux pillow

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Reduce reflux with the BabyJem Reflux Pillow
The name says it all: The primary purpose of the babyjem reflux pillow is to reduce reflux and vomiting in babies. To do this, it uses two well-known approaches.
Visually, the babyjem reflux pillow in white is reminiscent of a mattress increase or a large wedge pillow.
In principle, it is exactly that: the large cushion made of solid foam in the shape of a wedge has an incline of 15 degrees. Babies sleeping on it are slightly elevated.


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This is to prevent the stomach acid or stomach contents from flowing back into the esophagus. In addition, the special pillow has two smaller wedge pillows that are used on the left and right of the child. You should hold the baby on its side by supporting the back and stomach. According to science, lateral positioning can also counteract reflux and vomiting in general. In addition, the side position is suitable for babies to prevent deformation or flattening of the back of the head. By the way: To prevent the baby reflux cushion from slipping, the breathable, washable cover has a different structure on the underside than on the quilted top.

• BabyJem Baby reflux pillow with side protection
• Supports the upper body
• Solid bed for a good night’s sleep
• Two wedge pillows for stable lateral position
• Removable cover, additionally tested for harmful substances

Packaging Dimensions
Length 66 cm
Width 43 cm
Height 10 centimeters
Weight Including Packaging 0.770 kg



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