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Bright starts 5 in 1 ball activity gym pink

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Ref: 10786BS

Remember how much FUN you had playing in a ball pit as a kid? The tossing! The swimming! Now you can bring the joy of a ball pit right to your living room. (Without offending your inner germaphobe – you know you’ve thought about it). Unlike your standard playmat, this baby mat can be adjusted up or down to create walls. Keep baby right where you want her with these plush barriers, or – you guessed it – fill the play gym with bouncy, bobbling, bubbly balls! For younger babies, the jumbo mat lays flat for tummy time.


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Playtime is all around with engaging toys, crinkle fabrics, rattles, tunes and more. Who’s ready to have a ball with Bright Starts?
• Playtime is a BALL with the ball-pit play gym
• Mat can be folded up to create walls
• Imaginative infant play gym with lights
• Plays 20 minutes of melodies
• Years of fun from tummy time to toddler



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