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Battat catch a ball playset

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Catch A Ball Playset – Scoop & Toss Game Set

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Head’s up, it’s time to catch a ball! Introduce kiddos to the traditional pastimes of yesteryear with Battat’s Catch A Ball Playset and savor old memories as you make new ones. A backyard classic, this scoop and toss game is a great way to get kids outside and moving. Bring it on picnics, family trips to the beach, or just watch the kids play in the backyard. Any way you play, this simple game will challenge and improve kids’ hand-eye coordination and gives everyone a sense of mastery when you that oh-so-perfect catch. Made of worry-free and durable materials, all Battat products meet or exceed EU, U. S. and Canadian safety standards. What are you waiting for? Grab a scoop and get out there, it’s time to catch a ball!

  • Catch a Classic: Playing catch never gets old, and this scoop and ball set offers a slick update on an ole-timey classic.
  • Play Together: This toss and catch game comes with 2 bright balls and 2 easy-grip scoops for throwing and catching.
  • Kid-Powered: No batteries, no complicated setup; get moving and go long… here comes the ball!
  • Developmental Benefits: Helps kids practice and improve hand-eye coordination, and promotes physical activity.
  • Recommended Age: Suggested for kids ages 5 +; easy to clean, and durable for everyday play.
  • Phthalates and BPA free


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