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Driven pocket series 2

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Driven WH1070GTZ Pocket Series 2 Set

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Set Driven Pocket series Series 2 is first of all a surprise! 

You can never guess in advance what car will happen in the garage, so unpacking a toy for your child will always contain an element of excitement. 

The machine is small, so it will easily fit in your child’s pocket. The machine is made of light plastic, the colors are bright and attractive. All the details of the case are perfectly highlighted. 

The object of adoration of each boy will be appreciated by his friends.

 Now the games will resume with new power. Car racing, maintenance, road construction take place in a cheerful company of like-minded people with special excitement and unwavering interest. In each set, which includes different types of transport, you will find 3 components of the road or road signs. 

Toys can be stored in small garages that connect to each other. 

The entire collection includes 24 types of transport.



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