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Fisher price think n learn masters movie

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This cool little robot is ready to roll, and get kids moving and learning along with him! With 360 degrees of mobility, Think & Learn Teach’n Tag Movi encourages preschoolers to get their minds and bodies moving while teaching them how to follow directions and think critically about the world around them! With 3 exciting game modes and 6 games to choose from, Teach ‘n Tag Movi keeps kids thinking (and moving!), whether he’s asking them questions to engage their critical thinking skills, prompting them to follow directions to a fun game, or getting silly on the dance floor and showing off his smooth moves.

Kids learn the most when they’re having a great time playing, making things up, and figuring things out. So we developed toys that take their endless energy and enthusiasm and channel them into active learning – the kind that helps them understand ideas in a more physical, ‘now you try it’ kind of way.

Teach ‘n Tag Movi has 6 exciting games to play within 3 learn and move modes. In Alpha Fun Actions, kids can practice their ABCs while learning about different animals…and monkeying around just like them! ‘B, Bear! Paws up in the air. Now growl like a bear.’ Preschoolers can also practice following directions with the game Movi Says. Kids can learn about different shapes by answering the robot’s questions and moving around with him. ‘A circle is round, round as can be. Follow along and spin with me.’ Silly Sounds Tag and Red Light, Green Light bring learning fun—and major laughs—in Learn & Play Games mode. ‘You can walk, skip, jump, or hop. Just keep movin’ till I say Stop.’

As preschoolers play, Teach ‘n Tag Movi helps them learn important skills they’ll need as they head into kindergarten—like following directions and critical thinking—while getting them up and moving, too.



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