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Gb elian fix car seat – grey

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GB Elian Fix Car Seat

Elian Fix manufactures a high technology safety seat for older children.

135-150cm high.

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• Reclining headrest patented.
• Keeps the sensitive areas, head and neck within the safety zone, and helps the head does not flip forward when the child falls asleep on trips.
• Automatic adjustment of height and width.
• 12 adjustable positions in height and width, grows with your child.
• Ventilation system
• It includes an ingenious ventilation system, a mesh that crosses the backrest and the seat, the air circulates through the ventilation holes of the garment, ensuring an optimal temperature, especially on the hottest days.
• Linear protection against lateral impacts.
• The linear protection against lateral impacts (L.S.P System plus) absorbs the forces of an impact in combination with the structure that absorbs energy. In case of lateral impact the force is
distributes systematically away the most vulnerable parts of the child. (Neck and shoulders)
• Reclining backrest.
• It fits perfectly to the seat of the vehicle, ensuring optimal installation.
• Isofix connection
• The Isofix connectors increase the stability and safety of the chair in the car. Elian-Fix can also be used in vehicles without Isofix.
• Structure that absorbs energy.
• Reduces the forces of an impact and protects the child.



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