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Intex Automatic Universal Cleaner Robot For Above Ground Pools

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Enjoy sunny days with your feet in the water with INTEX

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The Intex robot cleaner 28005 allows you to automatically and efficiently clean the bottom of your pool. Easy to use, this robot does not require any additional electricity and moves using the force of the filter pump which reintroduces the purified water into the tank.

Thanks to the rapid movement of the double rotating brushes, the robot will collect debris, leaves and insects that settle on the bottom of the pool, automatically vacuuming them and ensuring a deep cleaning of the surface.

The Intex 28005 robot vacuum cleaner combines great reliability and a value for money that is difficult to beat: it is a robust cleaner with excellent performance, ideal for large pools with the particularity of being able to be partially mounted even on the walls of your pool in order to vacuum effectively all impurities up to the waterline.

It is a universal accessory that is suitable for all models of above ground and in ground pools of any brand.

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Technical features:

    • Suitable for any type of pool with a maximum diameter of 6 meters
    • It can be applied to filters with flow rates from 6.056 l / h to 13.248 l / h
    • Double rotating brushes to clean even the most stubborn dirt
    • Supplied hose (6.5m)


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