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Intex beachside frame pool w filter pump h size (3.05 x 0.76m)

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Do you find tubular swimming pools a bit dull? Choose this model in the colors of the ocean to stand out!

It benefits from the usual quality of Metal Frame Intex swimming pools with its metal tubes equipped with the ” Easy Lock ” system which allows them to be clipped very easily. As for the triple layer liner, it gives them foolproof robustness.

With its water height of 61cm , this small tubular swimming pool has an ideal size for children of around 6 years old.

You will only need 30 minutes of assembly to install the swimming pool in your garden as soon as the first rays of sun appear.

Another advantage of this Ocean model, it will be delivered directly to you with a cartridge purifier to ensure the filtration of your water . Without this essential accessory, you would have to renew the water every week.

Do not forget to order a disinfectant suitable for small pools such as mini chlorine pebbles or a Marina float .

The 1 m3 / h cartridge scrubber is supplied with the pool

Indeed, this Intex tubular swimming pool is offered to you with its  1 m³ / h cartridge purifier  which will filter your water daily and prevent you from having to renew the water every week! The scrubber works with Type H cartridges.

Find on Raviday Piscine the other accessories you need to use your pool in the best conditions:

  • Type H cartridges
  • Tarpaulin protection
  • Bubble cover
  • Water heater

With a capacity of 4.5m3, your children will have all the space they need to enjoy the benefits of water, without any danger!

Pool dimensions: 3.05 x 0.76m Swimming
space: 3.05 x 0.61m
Floor space: 3.05 x 3.05m

You will enjoy a water volume of 4.5m3!

Manufactured and developed from research and experience, Intex Pool Liners are constructed in triple-ply welded together which combine to provide resistance to scratches and cuts .

Metal Frame Junior pools are very resistant and adapt to all gardens to enjoy all the pleasures of water!

The structure of the tubular swimming pool is a set of tubes to fit together to facilitate the assembly of the swimming pool.

The Intex Metal Frame tubular swimming pool is very quick to assemble. Follow the assembly manual and you will easily install your pool.

We recommend that you proceed with the assembly with 2 people . You will be surprised that in just 30 minutes your swimming pool will be fully assembled. Then all you have to do is connect the cartridge purifier and fill your pool with water!

Raviday suggests that you download the assembly instructions for this pool below .

The benefits of the hydroaeration system are:

  • Better circulation and mixing of water
  • Allows you to visually check the correct functioning of the filtration> The absence of bubbles indicates that the cartridge is clogged
  • Reduces the concentration of chloramines (thanks to the air injected into the water) responsible for chlorine odors, allergies, irritations of the eyes, nose, lungs …
  • Limits the development of black spots on the liner
  • Improves the feeling of purity and freshness by releasing negative ions

How to maintain this swimming pool with cartridge filter?

  • Filtration should work EVERY DAY . It is not programmable.
  • Divide the water temperature by 2 to obtain the minimum filtration time . 26 ° C = 13 hours of filtration
  • During the hot summer months, filter continuously 24 hours a day because the water can turn quickly
  • The cartridge should be cleaned once or twice a week and replaced with a new one every two weeks
  • Use a disinfectant adapted to the volume of your pool ( chlorine or bromine )
  • Once a week, test the pH and the level of disinfectant in the water (chlorine level or bromine level) with test strips
  • The pH of the water must always be between 7.0 and 7.4 for bathing comfort and the effectiveness of cleaning products.
  • Adjust the pH if necessary with pH- or pH +


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