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Intex dura-beam classic downy airbed w/ hand pump 152*203*25cm

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Intex Dura-Beam Prestige Downy Airbed 152*203*25cm

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Product Description

Intex air bed Dura Beam classic cot-size package size content 1 piece original quality by Intex.

1.Do not use on or near the water. This is not a raft.

2.Do not walk, stand on or jump on or use the airbed as a trampoline.

3.Keep pets away from the airbed. Pets may puncture the surface of the bed.

4.Make sure the area is flat, level, clean and free from sharp objects. To prevent puncture or damage to the airbed, never drag the airbed across the floor or ground. Lift the inflated airbed when moving or changing location.

5.During outdoor use, place a protective layer such as a tarp (not included) between the selected surface and the airbed in order to prevent damage to the airbed.

6.Unfold the airbed and locate the inflation valve.


01.Separate the valve cap from the valve housing and press the valve housing firmly into exhaust hole. If the valve housing is already inserted inside exhaust hole, pull valve cap to open.

02.Adults should inflate the product slowly with a foot or manually operated air pump. Insert the pump hose or nozzle into the inflation valve and inflate. Make sure the product is firm to the touch but not hard. CAUTION To prevent bursting, do not use a high pressure pump such as an air compressor. During outdoor use, air temperature and weather condition do affect the internal air pressure of inflatable products. In cold weather the product will lose some pressure due to the fact that the air will contract. If this occurs, you may want to add a little air to the product. However, in hot sunny weather, the air will expand. You must let some air out to prevent the product from failing at the seam due to overpressure.

03.Replace the valve cap after inflation by pressing down on the cap into the valve housing firmly. Make sure the valve cap is securely closed in order to prevent air from escaping.

Deflation and Storage

1.To deflate the airbed pull out valve cap, then pull inflation valve housing to release air. Replace the inflation valve housing and cap securely after deflation.

2.Make sure the airbed is clean and dry.

3.Lay the airbed flat with the sleeping surface facing upwards. Fold the airbed loosely and avoid sharp bends, corners and creases which can damage the airbed.

4.Place the airbed inside the original packaging and store in a dry, cool storage location.



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