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Intex metal frame pool 366 cm x 76 cm

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Enjoy sunny days with your feet in the water with INTEX

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30 inch deep metal frame pool with filter pump, size 12 feet Easy to assemble

No tools needed, the frame locks into place with high strength pins which snap into position.

Water capacity (90% of wall height) 12ft: 6,503 L (1,718 gallons) Comes with a 530gal (2,006L) filter pump that takes type A filters Filter Pump

Made of a high quality plastic Purifying water in the pool to keep it clean for a long time

Helps eliminate bacteria and harmful algae Cleans and sterilize water and purifies it from dust and germs and then return it to the pool clean Includes two tubes, one for the water suction and the other to restore water after the filtration process

Capacity: can be purify 2006 liters per hour Contains a system to save energy Practical and easy to use

Dimensions366 × 76 cm


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