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Reer Mommy Line Anti-Skid Socks 35-38

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More safety during pregnancy and thereafter. These delightful mint-coloured socks are certainly cuddly and warm; however, they also offer more safety on smooth floors with their full-surface anti-skid soles. These socks for a naturally good feeling prevent slipping not only during pregnancy, but also when carrying baby around.

Extra cuddle factor for stressed feet: During pregnancy, your feet are under particular stress: increased weight and water retention apply pressure to your joints and bones. The cuddly and soft material of the MommyLine anti-skid socks for a naturally good feeling treats and warms tired feet.

Optimal support without pressure marks: Anti-skid socks for a naturally good feeling by reer help avoid unpleasant pressure marks with a very soft and elastic band. At the same time, the socks offer optimal support without slipping.

  • More security thanks to full-area anti-skid sole
  • Pleasant and comfortable wearing thanks to extra soft and elastic band without pressure sores
  • Beneficial warmth for tired feet
  • Extra pleasant feeling due to soft material


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