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Skip Hop Palette Plate

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Our Palette Plate makes meals fun for little ones!
A feeding set for both babies and toddlers, the PALETTE PLATE is ideal for the preparation, storage and serving of finger foods. Included are three drop-in bowls that are microwave safe and fit right into the Palette Plate for easy serving.

This convenient-sized and easy-to-grasp feeding set encourages babies to eat on their own.

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• The Skip Hop Palette Plate Feeding Set is perfect for preparation, storage and serving of finger foods for both babies and toddlers.
• Three drop-in bowls in the set also can be used to heat food in the microwave.
• This plate includes a special skid-resistant area for a cup and matching utensils that make eating out of this set a delight.

• Translucent covers make refrigerator storage of leftovers a snap, and the skid-resistant base keeps it in place during mealtime.
• The Palette Plate even includes a special skid-resistant area for a cup, and matching utensils are included.
• So mix it up with the Palette Plate, and make every meal a work of art!Lift-out individual bowls are microwave safe Skid-resistant area for cup
Skid-resistant base Mix it up in the big bowl Includes three translucent lids for storage
• Matching utensils

Weight0.453 kg
Dimensions33 × 25.4 × 3.6 cm


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