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Tommee tippee tt 2x smushee food catcher uk/ar

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We understand the importance of hygiene, and that’s why our spoons are made with BACSHIELD™ antibacterial technology. This technology has been used for centuries and is recognised for its antimicrobial properties. It prevents the growth of unwanted microbes that can cause product degradation, discolouration, staining, or odour, making it an excellent safety measure for your baby. Introducing a cleverly designed self-feeding spoon that allows your baby to learn how to self-feed with ease. The reversible design with chunky handles makes it easy for your baby to hold and control. The slotted design enables your baby to easily grip food, making the learning process fun for both baby and you. A full baby means a happy baby, and a happy baby means a happy mum. We test our BACSHIELD™ technology to ISO 22196:2011 standards, and regularly conduct quality control tests to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We work with the most trusted suppliers of antimicrobial technology for polymers, and all our products are free of toxins such as BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines.


  • Hygienic: Made with BACSHIELD™ antibacterial technology – reduces bacteria by up to 99.9%. * It prevents the growth of unwanted microbes that cause degradation, discoloration, staining and odour
  • Just dip, no scoop: Designed to allow baby to easily learn to self-feed, the special slotted design of the Smushee™ weaning spoon means your baby can simply dunk the spoon in their bowl to grip the food
  • Reversible and soft: This weaning spoon is fully reversible so there is no right or wrong way to hold it. The soft spoon tips are gentle on baby’s delicate mouth and gums
  • Chunky handles: The Smushee™ Self-Feeding weaning spoons feature chunky handles making them easy to hold and control
  • Easy clean and BPA-free: These spoons are easy to clean and also steriliser and dishwasher safe. All our products are BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalate and Nitrosamine free.


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