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Tommee tippee tt ctn 2x 6-18m bl sthr al

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The natural instinct of babies to suck is a comforting and soothing action that all parents desire for their child. Our Breast-like soother offers a great alternative to a mother’s breast when it is not available. Made of super-soft silicone, it closely mimics the texture and flexibility of skin, reducing any confusion between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Its natural feel is inspired by our award-winning Closer to Nature® teat, ensuring a reassuring alternative to traditional soothers. Our orthodontic soothers feature a reverse ortho baglet that compresses easily and reduces pressure on developing teeth and gums. The symmetrical, silicone baglet is fully reversible and has no wrong side-up, ensuring proper placement in your baby’s mouth. The Breast-like soother shield offers ventilation and extra air flow, protecting against skin irritation. It is easy to clean and BPA-free. We recommend replacing it every month and discontinuing use after 36 months.


  • Breast-like: Inspired by our award-winning Closer to Nature® teat, this soft silicone teat flexes and stretches just like mum, providing breast-like comfort for the most natural soothing experience.
  • Helps with transition: A reassuring alternative to traditional soothers, this one feels, flexes and stretches just like skin for less chance of confusion when feeding your baby from breast or bottle.
  • Symmetrical orthodontic design: Our Breast-Like dummy features a symmetrical silicone teat and with no ‘wrong’ side up, it will always be placed correctly in baby’s mouth.
  • Kind on baby’s skin: This unique soother shield curves away from baby’s face and offers superior ventilation for better air flow to reduce moisture build-up and help prevent irritation.
  • Easy to clean & BPA-free: Silicone is taste-free and won’t retain any stains or odours. Easy to clean either in a steriliser, by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Always BPA and phthalate-free
  • Available in two ages stages: Our 0-6-m size features a smaller teat and shield for tiny mouths and noses. As your baby grows, we recommend you move up through the age stages to the 6-18m soothers which offer the same benefits but with larger teats and shields.
  • We recommend against prolonged soother use over 24 months and stopping soother use when your child is older than 36 months.
  • BPA-free: Always BPA and phthalate-free for your ultimate reassurance.


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