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Vtech scoop and play digger

$ 62.35 TTC

Kids love the put-and-take game of watching the excavator pick up and push each object

Hear each item told as it goes through the hatch

Small excavators can pretend to dig rock bars, gold bars, bricks, wooden logs, and pipes

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Pieces are neatly stored inside when playtime is over

Press the light-up buttons in Learning, Music, or Question modes to hear colors and numbers, songs, or building questions and phrases

Push and pull the paddle and play to see the gears turn

Practice numbers by continually dropping pieces into the cargo container to hear the bulldozer count from one to ten

Press the light buttons in Learning, Music and Quiz modes to hear phrases about colors, numbers, construction and more

Five Role Play Pieces Included: A rock, Golden bars, Bricks, wooden logs and Tubes

Watch the colorful gears turn as the excavator navigates the site, or spin them to activate playful sounds

English Version

Dimensions10.99 × 38.98 × 18.99 cm


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