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Vtech switch & go dinos furio t rex robot

$ 141.68 TTC

This shape switcher toy can go from being a mighty robot to becoming a wild and fierce T-Rex dinosaur in just a few steps!

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  • This fantastic learning toy will respond with fun phrases, interesting dinosaur facts, sounds and an educational flash card with lots of content to keep your little one entertained while learning
  • Featuring a cool LCD screen that displays animated dinosaur eyes and robot controllers, this dinosaur figure is an ideal gift for children to customise and encourage imaginative play
  • Use the remote control to make Overseer move and stomp its legs, press the stunt button to see it perform cool actions and watch as Overseer lights up with the responses – they even have breathing light effects
  • Hours of fun playing with all the different features this children’s toy includes will help develop hand-eye coordination and improve finger accuracy from as early as three years of age
Dimensions35.99 × 26.39 × 21.99 cm


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