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Vtech Zoomizooz Parc Aquatique Magique

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A magical water park with adorable little animals to collect!

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Everything is done for fun in this ZoomiZooz water park!

The ZoomiZooz go up using the turtle lift and spin down on the many slides. Very funny ! By pressing the starfish button, the ZoomiZooz jumps to land on the stingray or on the slide!

When Baby places a ZoomiZooz on the Magic Zoomi-Zone , he starts talking, singing and making funny sounds.

This water park has many elements that develop children’s motor skills: launchers, buttons, springboard, etc.

Included :

Over 130 funny songs, melodies, phrases and sounds
1 magic zoomi-zone & 1 recognition zone
3 ZoomiZooz included: Anaïs the smart turtle, Iris the explorer hippo and Juliette the athlete penguin
Automatic shutdown