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Wader Play Tracks City Public Airport

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Wader Wd Play Tracks City Public Airport

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  • The set consists of several colorful and easy to assemble elements that form a 2-level air base and a path system with a total length of 3.8 m.
  • The set includes elements to create a road and parking system, a landing strip on the platform, 6 vehicles from the Kid Cars series (2 planes, a helicopter, a van, a tank truck and a crane), decorations and a set of stickers.
  • All products are made of high quality plastic, safe for children and durable.
  • Suitable for children aged 1 year and over
  • The set is presented in a pretty gift box, ideal for giving as a gift. 
  • 1x WADER Play Tracks City Airport
  • 1x street parking system
  • 1x airstrip
  • Kid Cars series: 2 planes, 1 helicopter, 1 van, 1 tank, 1 crane
  • 1x decorations, 1x sticker set




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