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Wader Tech Truck Roller Cardboard Box

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Wader Wd Tech Truck Roller Cardboard Box

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The roller is a car from the Tech Truck series. Little motoring enthusiasts and observers of the work of construction, technical, rescue and repair teams now have the opportunity to transfer their interests to the world of fun. Playing with the Tech Truck roller car gives you the opportunity to learn about the work of specialists, as well as the mechanisms of operation of professional vehicles for special tasks.

The roller comes into action wherever heavy ground leveling equipment is needed, e.g. during road construction. With its appearance, dimensions, but above all with a heavy drum, it arouses admiration and respect. The Tech Truck series roller is a light, maneuverable and durable vehicle with a length of 24 cm in attractive colors, which has a drum rotating around its own axis.

All elements of the toy are made of high-quality, weather-resistant, safe material, thanks to which the product will perfectly fulfill its task on the beach, at home or in the sandbox. The vehicle has no sharp edges or edges, and all elements are permanently connected, which makes the toy suitable for the youngest children (1+).

An undoubted advantage of the product is also its packaging – an attractively designed cardboard box in construction, yellow and black colors with a window will attract the attention of the toddler, as well as encourage him to buy a toy as a gift.

Playing with cars from the Tech Truck series has an impact on the comprehensive development of the child. By manipulating objects, the child develops motor skills, precision of movements and eye-hand coordination. This stimulates logical and cause-and-effect thinking and the sense of observation. Role play develops creativity, imagination and empathy as well as respect for different professions. The child learns to explore the surrounding world, and during such play, he develops commitment and the need for further discovery. In addition, this type of play teaches toddlers to cooperate, communicate and speak. And all this during carefree and exciting fun



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