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Zuru 5 surprise-unicorn squad-series 6 newborn unicorn glow squad

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Unicorn Squad-Series 6 Newborn Unicorn Glow Squad

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  • Contents: 1x glow in the dark Newborn Unicorn, magic baby bottle, set of unicorn accessories, baby blanket, crib / bath for baby and collectors guide
  • There are 8 super fun glow in the dark unicorns to collect!
  • Can you find the elusive glowing alien unicorn?
  • Plunge each unicorn in water and watch their diaper magically change colour!
  • Turn the capsule into a little crib or baby bath for your adorable unicorn!
  • Combing the thrill of unboxing multiple layers with the cutest unicorns!
  • Unbox more Newborn Unicorn capsules to complete your collection
  • Dimensions: 8.5L x 8.5W x 8.5H cm

Unwrap, peel, and discover the all-new glow squad newborn unicorn! Once you unbox your adorable glow in the dark unicorn, the magic keeps flowing with all new convertible capsule turning into a bath or bassinet.

Assemble the bath, load it with cold water and plunge your unicorn in to reveal a colour-changing surprise diaper. Once bath time is over dress them up in their sparkly outfits! There are 8 unicorns to collect including the rare glowing alien unicorn!



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