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Zuru 5 surprise unicorn squad

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ZURU UNICORN SQUAD, Unwrap, peel and reveal the newest sassy unicorns on the block! Peel open the surprise capsule to find your new scented sparkle Newborn unicorn! Once you unbox your unicorn, the magic keeps flowing with all new convertible capsule turning into a bath or bassinet. Assemble the bath, fill it with cold water and dip your unicorn in to reveal a color-changing surprise diaper. Once bath time is over dress them up in their glittery outfits! There are 8 unicorns to collect including the rare Genie Unicorn

COLLECT THE WHOLE NEWBORN UNICORN SQUAD: Collect all 8 adorable squad members, including the super rare golden genie unicorn!
CONVERTIBLE CAPSULE: The convertible capsule turns into a bath or bassinet, the must have unicorn accessory and perfect way to re-use your capsule!
ACCESSORIES GALORE: Once bath time is over, unbox more surprises like baby blankets, adorable outfits and a magic baby bottle. Get your unicorn dressed up in their unique glittery swappable outfits for adventure or nap time!
COLOR CHANGING DIAPER: Dip your newborn unicorn in cold water to reveal a color-changing surprise diaper!
LAYERS OF SURPRISE: Combine the excitement of unboxing multiple layers with the sassiest unicorns in the game!



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