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Zuru metal machines-playset-series 1 t-rex

$ 35.00 TTC

T-Rex Attack Building Trackset with Mini Racing Car for Unisex Children

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  • METAL MACHINES T-REX PLAYSET: Launch your Wild Thing furiously with the powerful Metal Machine launcher, and knock down the T-Rex that has been terrorising the region!
  • DOUBLE-LOOP ACTION: Can you build enough power to speed through the double 360 loops and straight through the T-Rex?
  • LAUNCH THROUGH 8.5 FEET OF TRACK: Launch your Metal Machine through over 8 feet of track on it’s way to knocking the Dino off his feet at the end of the track!
  • EXCLUSIVE CAR: The Metal machines T-Rex Attack comes with one exclusive Metal Machine: the Wild Thing!
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Powerful Launcher, 1 x Racing Track including two 360-Loops, Stunt Ramp, 1 x T-Rex


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